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    Kaylan Martin

    Kaylan and I have been best friends since the 6th grade! Now a Physical Therapist, we have always pushed each other to achieve our goals! She is the very reason I even met my soon to be hubby, so I couldn't imagine anyone else standing beside me as my Matron of Honor on my big day!

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    Tri'Keah Henry

    My sorority sister and one of my closest friends! Now a Criminal Justice PhD student, Keah and I met at Baylor University and have only grown closer in the years since graduation. I am so lucky to have her stand with me as my Maid of Honor

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    Marjorie Brown

    Now studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Grad School, Marj and I met at Baylor and joined the same sorority. She is one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet and any time spent with her is guaranteed to be full of laughter!

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    Leanne Williams

    My amazing sister-in-law! Now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, we've enjoyed rooting each other on as we pursue our careers in medicine. 

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    Maleaha Brown

    Now an Attorney in Texas, Maleaha and I met at Baylor University. She is one of the most passionate and driven people I know and a walking definition of a ride-or-die :)

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    Chastity Escalante

    She holds a Masters in Counseling and is currently working on her MBA, but Chastity and I met while studying at Baylor University. My own personal pastry chef :) We always have a great time together, she is near and dear to my heart!

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    Brittany Hudson

    Currently a PhD student in Oklahoma, Brittany is my sorority sister and very first friend at Baylor!  I never know if it'll be a good scripture or ol' country saying, but she's my go to girl when I need a quick pick me up! 

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