The Proposal

  • The day DePaul asked me to marry him was truly surreal and as perfect as I had always imagined. We talked about marriage before and both knew we were ready. However, we had also talked about and agreed that we should wait until I finished PA school- or so I thought!

    For a couple of weeks, DePaul had been suggesting we take a quick trip somewhere for a weekend of relaxation. I was stressed with school, work for him was super busy. We needed it. I kept putting it off, saying I needed to stay home and study. But. luckily, one day I said forget it and we packed our bags. Little did I know, DePaul had packed a little extra ;)

    We drove to Yellowstone National Park and spent the day in awe of dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs, and gushing geysers, including Old Faithful. One of our stops was to what is famously referred to as “The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.” We hiked down a steep 600 feet to see one of the most beautiful vistas I've ever witnessed and waterfalls you'd have to see to believe. It was perfect. However, the hike back up was a chore. We had been living in Montana for only 3 months and my hiking legs hadn't quite come in yet. Then DePaul suggested we hike down another 600 feet to view the canyon from the other side. My response was simple. "Nope. Nah. I'm good."

    I had no idea that DePaul intended on popping the question and wanted to get a view that was less crowded. Complaining the entire way down (oops!), we made our hike down to the other side of the canyon. If possible, it was even more perfect than the first view! The area was very secluded and only two other people were there enjoying the view. DePaul asked them to take our picture and after looking at it he said he wanted to take just one more. While he (fake) tied his shoe, I turned around to take in all of the beauty nature had created. When I finally turned back around, I saw DePaul on one knee holding the most beautiful ring and carrying the most heartwarming smile. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and through waterworks I said, "Yes, of course!"

The Big Day!