Our Story

  • About the Groom

    DePaul Marshall is the son of Paul Marshall and Rosalind Marion. He is a graduate of Texas State University and works as a Senior Analyst at Dell Inc. He enjoys staying active, bowling, traveling, and music.

  • About the Bride

    Vanescia Williams is the daughter of Karl Williams and Vanessa Dunlap Williams. She is a graduate of Baylor University and currently enrolled in a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies Program at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. She enjoys reading, poetry, basketball, and most recently learning to play violin. 

  • About Us

    DePaul and I met our sophomore year of high school. Kaylan introduced us at a football game, and we hit it off instantly. We started dating a few months after. We were inseparable, waiting for each other every day after school to steal a kiss before DePaul headed to football practice. Though, like many young relationships, puppy love didn't last.


    I used to think of this amazing guy I dated in high school and how I wished we never ended it. Sometimes I would periodically wonder what he was up to.

    Fast forward a few years, I graduated college and moved back home to Austin. DePaul was finishing up his degree in San Marcos so it was just a matter of time before our paths crossed again. Sure enough, we saw each other out one night and the feelings turned out to be mutual. We reconnected and spent nearly every day of that summer together. 

    We feel like we are proof that what is meant to be, will be. Although I wish our fairytale didn't have its missing chapters, I am so glad we found our way back to each other. I never knew I could love and be loved so fiercely. We really are best friends and it is so beautiful to do life with someone who I truly love and admire.



The Big Day!